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榮新玻璃纖維有限公司成立於1993年,在香港主要的玻璃纖維產品供應商和出口商之一,我們自己在中國大陸工廠。隨著生產玻璃纖維產品多年的經驗,孫翼生產各種規格的產品,以滿足各行業的不同需求。 我們的產品範圍包括水箱,F.R.P更亭,花盆,船,裝飾,垃圾桶,摩托車箱等量身定制的產品及工程等。 我們是香港註冊主要供應商。 – 九廣鐵路公司 Kowloon- Canton Railway Corp. – Housing Department – Urban Services Department – Regional Services Department – Government Supplies Department Our Company Wing Sun Founded in 1993, one of the major fiberglass products supplier and exporter in Hong Kong, with our own well established factory in mainland China. With many years experiences in manufacturing fiberglass products, Wing Sun produces a variety of the products to meet the different needs in the industries. Fiberglass Our product range include watertank, F.R.P house,flower pot, boat, decoration, litter bin,motorcycle box and other tailor-made products and engineering etc. Our Client We are registered suppliers for the major authorities in Hong Kong. some of them are given as follows:- -Kowloon- Canton Railway Corp. -Housing Department -Urban Services Department -Regional Services Department -Government Supplies Department